my nepal visa arrived today

it’s not the most inspiring sticker in my passport, though. but one shouldnt judge a country by its tourist visa. 



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5 responses to “my nepal visa arrived today

  1. Mick Geaney

    In fairness the countries with the fanciest and biggest visa stickers are also the ones with the worst immigration/visitation policies – America, Australia, China….

  2. Annie

    Congrats!! you must be counting down the days before u leave kapers and go on your big trip. Im so jealous!!

  3. Doorbitch

    Word up Hostessbitch

    here are my tips for Nepal

    If trekking in leech season, lay your towel over your head and shoulders when walking to stop little “friends” dropping in onto your face and neck from overhanging trees.

    Take flatpacks of toiletroll for when you are trekking (easier to carry in bags) and don’t forget to dig a hole with heel of your boot to bury your biz – not like those rseholes who made Annapurna circuit the “toilet roll trail”.

    If you are flying with Royal Nepal Air – always book a good long “window” between your RNA flight and the onward flight. As I found out, a 10 hour window can often turn into a 30 minute window due to “broken” planes . And always turn up early at checkin so you don’t get bumped out of your seat (they used to totally overbook seats) but given the current maoist situation and lack of tourists, that might not be a problem any more..

    have fun!


  4. I have never seen an Australian visa – I never envisaged it to be very fancy though. Does it have any animals on it?

    Annie, stuck on my deskspace wall is my countdown calendar. there are 11 full days and 12 has one line through it, which means I have 11.5 working days left.

    doorbitch – clearly, the advice of someone who has been there and done that. thank you. can you buy flat packs of toilet paper or do I have to flatten them myself?!

  5. jen

    Ola ole Donnasan,

    Just had to let you know YOU ROCK!!! Seriously miss not having you live only a few hours drive from my place…

    Anyways, onto the good stuff, Nepal and toilet paper… I think if you pull the cardboard out of the middle an squish it it works well. Otherwise, IGA or dewsons etc sell 6 packs of tissues in smallish rectangular flat packets which should also do the job quite well.

    By far the most exciting VISA of sorts in my passport is my Shengen VISA for passage through the Benelux states, but it’s no longer used since Europe did the whole EU thing.

    Dean and I are off to NZ in a mere 8 days and counting….

    Oh life is but to travel….. lovin it!

    Take care,

    love and hugs,

    jen XOX

  6. Thanks Jen. I have concluded that when I do any trek-like activities [by camel in Jaisalmer and foot in Nepal] I can buy toilet paper in the country I am in and take the cardboard out to flatten. Easy!

    Have a great time in Enzed!

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