the definitive packing checklist for 10 weeks in india nepal & tibet

so far I have:

  • a 45 degree weather haircut
  • a quick dry towel [extra large bathsheet size, but folds into nothing]
  • altitude sickness tablets [leftover from south america]
  • pre moistened towels
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses
  • my NY yankees cap [i hate baseball, but it brought me loads of cred in japan]
  • a 30 litre backback
  • folding cutlery
  • trousers that zip off into shorts
  • perfume oil, doubles as a bath oil and wont attact the mosquitoes
  • gastro related medication
  • my indian  and nepali visa
  • a power adapter thing for my digital camera

i still need:

  • a suitable pickpocketproof subcontinental inspired handbag
  • an australian, nz or canadian flag to sew onto my backpack

have I forgotten any other vital additions?



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5 responses to “the definitive packing checklist for 10 weeks in india nepal & tibet

  1. Dallas


    A hat, sunscreen and good quality sunnies (the sun is intense up there).

  2. fat duck

    Loperamide (poo blocker)

  3. i have just returned from the travel doctor. polio and hep a, come on down! the only thing I couldn’t get was a rabies shot as I left it too late, so I have to remember to steer well clear of mad dogs.

    thanks for these suggestions, I will update my list now. since I am travelling light, I think my pot of peppermint foot balm [which is delicious and I never leave home without it] can double as lube.

  4. Jules

    Hey Donna!

    I suggest you take some sort of pouch thing to conceal and carry your money, passport etc, seeing as India (especially the train system) is rife with pickpockets & thieves. Not to put you off, but I had the unfortunate experience of having 3 camera’s stolen from under my nose… that hurt!

  5. Thanks Jules. I think that a good handbag that fits snugly under the arm to deter pickpockets is functional as well as stylish.

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