tibet was the cause for alarm [folding cutlery]

in my short travel goods shopping expedition this afternoon I set off four security alarms whilst walking into stores. which makes seven in total since I also walked out of them. finally, the alarm sounding for the seventh time when I entered the kathmandu store, i held up my hands saying “I have not stolen anything”. to this disclaimer, some complete stranger paying for his camping goods at the counter decided that  adding “yet” would be pretty funny. And I reckon that he was the reason the staff decided to check my bag, which was probably a good thing. Using the process of elimination we discovered that my new lonely planet guide to tibet was the offending item as it had one of those plastic security tags stuck to the back page.

the humiliation of looking like a petty theif aside [i had 2 security guys from the nike store chase me about fifty meters down the road and check my bag], my shopping purchases included a set of blue aluminium cutlery which folds into a pouch. the spoon has a bottle opener at the opposite end, and the knife a can opener. I will add this to my packing list, below.

 thanks to all who have volunteered suggestions of what I will need you are all very helpful.


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