nirvana or never mind? help!

a cynical former workmate, nay, two cynical former workmates believe that enlightenment, buddhist style, is a crock of shit. one thinks he is already enlightened, whilst the other reckons he found nirvana last week whilst eating leftover thai food following a big night out. 

i disagree, but can’t seem to convince them otherwise. can anyone offer advice on how I may convince them that it IS possible to transcend the cycle of reincarnation and to free oneself from desire and suffering and individual consciousness?

thanks in advance for your help



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3 responses to “nirvana or never mind? help!

  1. sushiej

    dodo – how does the lack of desire etc fit in with the anya spring ’06 collection? surely you can be an enlightened babe with a croc suede tote?

  2. dear erika. to have a piece of the latest season AH is a need, like food water clothing and shelter. surely you wouldn’t disagree? so, yes, one can be enlightened yet still be well accessoriused.

  3. viwi

    hey bay!
    finally a chance to read-up on how you’re doing.
    mentation will superceed logical reasoning. the path to enlightenment is subjective; requiring one to submit self to the almightly and willingness to choose love in all things. re convincing – show them to someone who has transcended the cycle & freed 😉

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