pre dept admin – please read

large attachments 
hello, if you have my email address and want to communicate with me can you please do your best to refrain from sending large attachments containing humourous and/or ‘naughty’ images, inspirational powerpoint presentations or chain letters. anyone who has ever tried to open a 5MB attachment from their hotmail account using a dodgy connection in a far flung country will understand that there is no humour or joy in this. i will just end up hating you.

kapers people
a note to my kapers friends, the company email does not like so you can email me but I cannot respond to you. i think this is discrimination against cute white cats without mouths [hello kitty doesnt have a mouth because she is a truly international being and communicates via other ways. fyi kittysan weighs four apples and is the same age as me]

postcard requests
if you have any postcard requests please let me know what theme you would like, for example exotic nepalese babes, and also let me know your mailng address if you dont think i have it already.


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