flip flops & flying

It came up in conversation today that if one wears flip flops [aka thongs, the footwear] then they are breaking international OHandS rules of the air. My cousin Pauline was unrelenting in her assertion that flip flop shod passengers are disallowed from flying until they are more appropriate shoes are worn. I found this claim dubious, but Pauline is a lawyer and it is generally hard to argue anything against one of these types who is not representing you.

But, full points to Pauline for using such official sounding and legitimating phrases such as “it says so in the terms of carriage”, which, by the way, none of us had ever read so couldn’t verify and disprove, let alone know if there is such a thing as a ‘terms of carriage’.

But anyway, it is up to me to prove otherwise, and I have promised to go mythbusting for Pauline and Otto by wearing flip flops when I catch an international flight from Bangkok to Delhi. Stay tuned for the full report.

To add a slight complication to this simple task, confusion ensued when it was suggested that the flip flops I would be wearing [see picture above] were not, in fact, flip flops. These particular “trekking” Havaianas have a strap which goes around the heel, therefore stopping any flipping and flopping action, which Veronica quite rightly pointed out. Thanks V.

My questions are thus:

1. Have you ever worn flip flops on a flight? If yes, please provide further details.
2. Are the shoes in the picture flip flops, or sandals?
3. Does green tea have caffeine?



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10 responses to “flip flops & flying

  1. fat duck

    Green tea has caffeine. Lots.

  2. m

    i think the footwear has an identity crisis, and is neither here nor there.

  3. BS

    Green tea has caffeine.

    The shoes are very unattractive anyway so good luck with that.

    I always wear thongs on the plane because you now have to take your shoes off to go through security in so many places and it is really annoying having to tie your laces all the time.

  4. fat duck

    Was landing in Dehli horrendous? What was your first meal on Indian soil? And did you get something good in Bangkok?

  5. yasko

    I emailed to your yahoo address. please check later…
    I run into Yonezawa-sennsei and Mitsukawa-sennsei today at akebono. Yonezawa-sensei told me about her summer travel plan in Tibet. How exciting! Hope you two can see each other there. Enjoy!

  6. Goanna

    I have emailed the address you left with NB, check emails to find out who Goanna is. I am watching you… 🙂

    1. Have you ever worn flip flops on a flight? If yes, please provide further details.

    No, but certain airlines will not allow access to 1st class and/or business class cabins if the passenger is inappropriately attired.

    2. Are the shoes in the picture flip flops, or sandals?

    Sandals with an identity crisis

    3. Does green tea have caffeine?

    Although black tea is thought to have the highest caffeine content of all tea, this is actually untrue. Green tea has more caffeine



  7. TwoBit

    A1. no – but i love ’em
    A2. a shoe is a shoe is a shoe is a shoe – a thong (flip flop) is lacking in vamp (see anatomy of the shoe – http://www.podiatry.curtin.edu.au/shoo.html )
    A3. interesting about the tea…

  8. unlucky

    Pauline your wrong honey. I like to walk around the plane with out my shoes on. the airlines encourage it with the funny socks they give you on the flight. You were in BK wtf? I was in BK . Enjoy India sucks!

  9. Hello and thank you for your well thought out comments, even though I think you who say my shoes have an identity crisis are just sitting on the fence and yourselves have some kind of fear of committment crisis. and bs I just dare you to tell me my shoes are ugly to my face…

    so pauline and otto i hope you are satisfied. for the record, i did wear said footwear on the flight from BKK to Delhi and nothing was mentioned. Further, i observed that bkk airport was full of families of australian bogans wearing thongs whilst checking in. i was going to take photos of peoples legs as a way of self entertainment to pass the 12 hour stopover but i thought that I might run into trouble, you know surveillence and everything in airports nowadays.

    goanna GREAT to hear from you please keep in touch.

    fatduck my first meal on indian soil was coconut masala dosa [= great], and no, delhi airport wasnt as bad as i thought. from memory, cairo airport was crazier, i remember shoving a guy out of the way to pass through customs

  10. Ray

    I wore flip flops on a plane for the 1st time in my life from Australia to Dubai and then Dubai to Africa. I was forced into it because of a stress fracture in my tibia that had (and still has) me on crutches. Wearing shoes caused my ankle to swell and anything heavy on my foot causes pain…hence the best option was the flip flop.
    Definitely a very comfortable option especially with my condition….don’t regret it 1 bit. Better the stares than to end up with a swollen ankle!

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