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i.e please keep me updated with bb and oc updates



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4 responses to “pop culture update section

  1. Jules

    Ok so here is the low down…

    OC: Marissa died as we all knew was going to happen. The car she and Ryan are in gets run off the road by that crazy Volcheck guy, or whatever his name is. She dies in Ryan arms (awwww). We dont question why Ryan didnt call an ambo cos the scene was just SO moving and we are swept up in the emotion.

    BB: Last night Farmer Dave and intruder Max got booted off. David was reunited with his lover boy on the outside and im sure they will live happily ever after. (I tell ya, if those two could have kids they would be some hot looking people!) It is now down to Camila and Jamie. Apparently the votes are neck & neck. Either of those two winning will be a bloody disgrace but who am i to talk: (a) I watch the sad show & (b) I dont vote.

    Will let you know which of those two undeserving so & so’s win!

  2. THANK YOU jules. this is was the information i was looking for. i thought it was going to be a drug overdose, but it was the good old crash [did it go over a cliff into the ocean?]

    devestated that dave got voted off, too. i think that jamie is the less skanky of the two remaining skanks. plus hes from WA…

  3. Jules

    Well the news is in: JAMIE is the winner of BB 06 and “like he is so totally like deserving of it…”

    No the OC crash just sort of went over an embankment on the road but there were no cliffs or ocean involved. very lame..

  4. well i guess that’s sayonara for BB Ausrtalia as a credible reality tv show…

    car crashes are lame, but to have marissa carking it in a scene where she frothes at the mouth and turns white {blue?} is not very “california here we come”.

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