jesus krishna & ganesh

yes, it’s true, jesus [hesus] was the name of the sweet spaniard dude sitting next to me for the first part of the journey from delhi to ajmer. he was a buddhist, a zen buddhist, in fact, of the japanese nichiren sect. so i had a good laugh at his expense [no doubt i am not the first nor the last to do this]. it was jesus the buddhist’s first time travelling alone and he had been too scared to take a rickshaw in delhi so I tried to teach him to go forth and haggle [ie toughen up]. i hope he finds his inner peace [aka enlightenment].

speaking of names, ive also been fortunate to exchange pleasantries with krisha and ganesh, the guys, not the gods. i think i need to invent my own travelling goddess name. any suggestions for cool holy sounding names? madonna is too obvious. athena, goddess of war?



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2 responses to “jesus krishna & ganesh

  1. Jules

    Hmmm how about Hanuman, the monkey god…?

    Train journeys can be very entertaining depending on your fellow passengers. I used to create a new identity for myself each time I went on a train trip just to keep it interesting (I got bored of being jules from Melbourne). I think I was Turkish for a while there and I might have tried to pull off being Brazilian after that… Got a bit tricky when they wanted you to teach them your native language tho…

  2. hanuman is a male name, and it will be obvious that i am making it up. i think i am going to road test Venus, from Bonnie Doon in Victoria [hi Shona!]. thanks for the suggestion, though.

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