jet lag

i knew i was  heading for india when, rather than queue for the flight, indians returning to their homeland started pouring into the airline cabin out of nowhere. really, nowhere!

i thought to myself  that there would be people sharing seats, or standing for sure. but no, it was just a very very full flight. and i got the feeling that this wasnt the favourite flight of the usually chirpy thai airways chicks, as they were grittinng their teeth as the men checked out their arses as they bent over to serve the meals, and grabbed extra bread rolls from the food trolley as it rolled past.

not being one to judge, this behaviour could have just been from the men opposite and next to me, helped by the endless plastic cups of straight whisky they were skulling.

in reality? …yes and no. i need more time to make an informed opinion.

delhi is/was crazy crazy crazy mahem! and it bucketed down on my second day there, causing the muddy streets to flood. the cows wandering about the streets didnt seem to mind, however.



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2 responses to “jet lag

  1. Jules

    Hi Donna!!

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention that Indians dont believe in queue’s… My advice- when in India do as the Indians, and push like you never pushed before in order to get a seat on the bus/plane/train…

  2. i’m learning this fast! also when crossing busy roads dont wait for the gap cause it will never come, just cross and pray to your gods that you make it to the other side.

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