today i climbed a big mother fucker mountain to hang out at a shrine dedicated to the god shiva. the mountain overlooks the lake [and the city] dedicated to the god Brahma, said to be the only place of worship for this dude cause he dissed his holy wife, therefore denying him of wider worship.

as i went up the mountain i noticed that the locals were uncharacteristically subdued, not even a ‘namaste’. the reason, i found, were the signs in hindi which lined the path that read something along the lines of “whatever you do do dont speak to foreigners, especially chicks who are walking up alone”.

mystery solved.



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2 responses to “pushkar

  1. BS

    Good blog, loving the commentary. Hope you come up with an appropriate travelling goddess name. Bec S xx

  2. hi sko. my current mood suggests venus but i am open to other suggestions. ciao!

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