shoe woes

quite unrelated to the “flip flop” incident,, I have shoe woes.

the 3 pairs of carefully selected footwear are all giving me grief in different ways:

1. my favourite read/green girlie massuer sandals, bought in rome several years back, gave me toe blisters. i have just ditched them in a fit of rage

2. my hiking shoes, which were perfectly fine in peru, gave me a heel blister. am perservering with them. flip flops remove skin between the big toe and the one next to it, unless i wear my toe socks with them

i am seriously considering [shock horror] birkenstocks or [even more horrified] teva sandals.

hint for potential travellers: carefully road test all footwear shortly before embarking upon journey.

that is all. thank you.



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3 responses to “shoe woes

  1. Annie

    i get problem 3 all the time! so damn annoying, so i have to put clear bandades to prevent blisters.

  2. do you think the problems lies with our defective feet or a poorly designed thong?

  3. m

    it’s all about a badly designed thong. i get the same thing … go the birkenstocks. they will love you forever.

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