chapati plate in melbourne?

dont laugh, but yesterday I did an indian cooking course. it was taught by sushma, whose credentials include a featre in german vogue, plus a husband who has cooked for a french president [though it couldve been a PM].

recipes and pictures to follow [palak paneer, dal, chai masala] when i have time to transcribe my currently undecipherable notes.

but my question right now is  – is it possible to buy a chapati hotplate in melbourne? surely one can, but I want to know for sure. otherwise i will be carrying a 1kg lump of metal [it looks like a mini shield] in my backpack for the next 2 months, which I would  really prefer not to do.

don’t get me wrong, i have certainly not turned foodie , my 10 min cooking rule still applies. this will be part of my hostessing duties for the next melrose place extravaganza, so get your saris and turbans ready. thank you.



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6 responses to “chapati plate in melbourne?

  1. fat duck

    That you’ve even contemplated lugging that around proves that you’re turning. FOODIE.

  2. Jules

    I am almost sure that there would be somewhere in melb you could get these. I have been served food on them at indian restaurants on Sydney Rd so im sure they didnt cart them all the way from india…

    I shall do some investigating with my indian friends 🙂

  3. none of that thanks fat duck. there is a difference between being committed to the art of hostessing, which i am, and being a foodie, which i am not.

    jules, love your work, yes surely there is some place, somewhere. i could always pop into the indian place up the road and ask to borrow/rent theirs for a couple of hours!

  4. bec

    I bet the indian supermarket on Nicholson would sell them…

  5. Goanna

    So what happened in September ?

  6. tibet. the chinese authorities obviously thought that this blog site was ‘subversive’ so wouldnt let me in. bloody communists.

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