this is what really happened

dear adele, scott, sarah and max

quite contrary to your wildly concocted scenarios of me being:

1. the decoy for a large drug/arms smuggling syndicate our of udaipur;or

2. a white girl trophy on the back of a local dude’s bike, doing laps around the town under the guise of a ‘long trip’

here is the real story of what went down…

on his days off mukesh helps schools by giving them stuff like school uniforms, study materials and furniture. on these occasions when he travels into the villages he takes along one “lucky” guest from the hotel to keep him company and also to check out the village life scene. i was that lucky one on this occasion – probably because it looked like i didnt have any friends…

so i took a 40km ride into the villages, through muddy paths and across fields to get to these destinations, where we delivered the goods [a goods truck following us the whole way].

i got to shake the grotty hands of these hyperactive kids, and even sing twinkle twinkle little star for/at them. at one school two poor boys were yanked up from where they were sitting, dragged to the front of the room, and  made to sing and perform the regional dance for me. i felt really sorry for them.

 …so not as ‘exciting’ as your predictions, but I had a good time anyway.

i hope your travels are going well and the desert isnt too hot – i cannot think of anything worse than a whinging pom.

so the moral of my story is that your hotel manager is your friend.



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