i am currently at this hilltop station in southern rajasthan called Mt Abu. there is a thick mist covering the town, so, even though it is almost midday I can’t do anything as I can’t see more than 2 metres in front of me. so I have been drinking chai all morning. in fact I have been drinking chai constantly for the past 2 weeks.

just as we take for granted death and taxes in australia, in india, chai is one of those unavoidable facts of life here. it is, basically, milky tea, drunk out of a small glass, and is generally quite fragrant and spicy, and reallly sweet.

i went sari shopping the other day [i bought 3, including this amazing vintage beaded formal ensemble], and at each store, chai was part of the process of the purchase. when I figured that I couldnt lug 3 saris [plus a hot pink and hessian pubjabi dress] around india in my backpack I went to the post office to send them home, and even there, the post office chick made me sit down and have a glass of chai with her as she wrapped my parcel.

i have a great chai recipe, so when I get back to melbourne I will be the one to subject you all to endless cups of chai until it runs throught your veins and rots your teeth.



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7 responses to “chai

  1. Darren

    Is this a food blog?

  2. Jules

    Yum! Cant wait to try your recipe! Nothing like drinking it out of a clay cup on an indian train too.

    None of the try hard hippy versions you get in cafe’s here really get anywhere near the real deal Indian chai 🙂

  3. Annie

    I love Chai!! i wonder how it tastes like over there compared to the Oz cafe versions..
    tea is good for you, full of antioxidents! so drink up Donna!!

  4. Jay

    Fortunately, you can now purchase an ‘authentic chai latte’ from Starbucks… Isn’t capitalism a wonderful thing!?

  5. dear darren. no this is not a food blog, but your observations are quite right . i must explain that food has been featuring here quite a bit as it really is part of the indian culture and and lifestyle – like me visiting peking and not mentioning the duck. the chai here ranges from really good to really shit. [the coffee ranges from pretty bad to really really shit.]

    thanks for your information jay, now you can all go out to starbucks and try and ‘authentic chai latte’, then compare it to the spicy aromatic concoction that will be preparing for you, and serving in real china, not paper.

  6. Fat Duck

    Is this a food-cum-travel blog then? Did I trick you by signing in as ‘Darren’?

  7. dear fat duck. how are you?

    no this is a travel blog, and no you did not fool me.

    best regards, donna

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