overnight transport


i took an overnight train from jodhpur [the blue city]  to jaisalmer [the camel safari city] and i woke up covered in dust and sweat.

i have since showered and had some coffee so i feel halfway decent…but i am sure that I made a promise never to take overnight transport ever again after a painful bus ride from Nazcar to Cusco in Peru a couple of years ago.

damn my poor memory of the pain of that journey, which i think i just relived.



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2 responses to “overnight transport

  1. Fat Duck

    Oh, there’s nothing worse than the overnight transport. I’d argue that the bus is worse than the train, in China at least. My favourite bit is keeping one eye open all night in case some dodgy bastard tries jump on you.

  2. i agree that the bus is worse than the train – on my last overnight bus I was just above the wheel so everytime the bus went over a bump or into a hole i felt it. havent been been jumped yet but i wait in anticipation.

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