has anyone read this book?

if not, it is a highly recommended read for anyone who has travelled to india or is thinking of doing it.

it was given to me in two halves of the 900 or so pages [think bible size] by a friendly australian couple, whose names I do not know, and i have since been spreading the love of this book to all who will listen to me. 

at this moment I cant remember the author, but he is an australian guy who escaped from a victorian high security prison and fled to bombay where he worked for the bombay mafia.



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4 responses to “shantaram

  1. Fat Duck

    Have you considered reading The Celestine Prophecy? I read it when I was in India, and it really changed the way I viewed other people.

  2. no, but thank you for your recommendation. i am working my way through the paulo coelho [sp?] collection, however, because they bring me a sense of inner peace and are changing the way I view myself.

  3. Doorbitch

    Ciao DonnaSan Chai Bitch

    Sounds like you’re having a fabularse time scooting around! I too am about to become a lady of leisure. I finish up at work on thurs 31 Aug and intend to do nothing except sleep excessively, read celebrity trash magazines and spend hours pointlessly debating whether Tom Cruises’s baby is deformed or not.

    After a month or so I may consider taking another job but only on the condition that they realise that they are blummin lucky to have me and that I must be allowed to run off to lunchtime yoga/pilates classes whenever I wish. and on no account is anyone to look at their watch when I turn up late in the morning. They must realise that fashionable and interesting people are always late. I may be neither of those, but the rule still applies.

    Good grief would you look at the time – it’s 11.28am, which means that it is time to prepare for going to lunch. I have developed an extensive preparatory routine – 15 minute catnap on the toilet, followed by 15 mins of stretching inorder to prepare for the 9 second 100m sprint out the front door.

    The reason I am whittering incomprehensibly is unknown. Probably excitement about my impending departure from Corporate Doom. However I must advise you that during the aforementioned period of leisure I will not have access at home to the internet, so my responses will be intermittant at best.

    have fun and write more blogs.

    PS. I have sari’s as well (hot pink and red) – it is imperative we have an indian party as soon as you get home – purely for showing off.

  4. ciao bella. i wish you all the best in your transition from being a complete corporate whore to a tree hugging student. what will you do with all of those tailored suits, crisp white shirts [or if you are like me, non crease polyester items] and pairs of black court shoes?

    the tomcat baby deformed?!!scandal! i am disappointed that no one has seen this important enough to let me know. …i wonder what other bits of celebrity goss i have missed out on…

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