billion star hotel

“so where is the billion star hotel?” we asked the brown skinned man dressed in a turban, dhoti trousers and tunic, all white, typical of Jaisalmerian desert camel men.

“my friend”, he said, wobbling his head and pointing to the sky, “my hotel is the desert”.  

we finally got the joke.


feeling a bit tender in the arse and tired from being out in the desert for 3 days, i am now in jaisalmer town chilling out before I move to my next destination [the rat temple in bikaneer].

the camel safari my friend and i went on took us away from people and into the sand dunes not so far from the pakistan border. with taro, our awesome guide/camel man, we battled the beating sun during the day, and even fiercer rain on the first night. a bit uncomfortable, yes, but that is all part of the camel/rajisthani desert experience.

here are some of the highlights:

– new friends and easy conversation

– the silence of the desert

– being the only ones at the billion star hotel, going to sleep on the top of a sand dune and waking up to see a golden sunrise.

– desert food [on the first day only, the rice and onions lost their rustic charm on the second]

– a guide with attention to detail who tucked us into bed and woke us up with tea and toast the next day

– riding camels, of course!


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