namaste kathmandu!

in my previous diatribes i know that I wrote that I was to fly to nepal. but no, as it turned out there were no direct flights from varanasi to nepal until next month. so, i have just arrived in kathmandu [last night late] after an endurance 22 hour train – bus – bus journey trip.

despite the pain of cramped legs on nepali [ie made for short legged eople] buses, lack of sleep, being groped by a dodgy water seller 10 year old boy [through the bus window, the fucker], and wondering if i would arrive alive as the bus made its way in the pitch black and in the rain along perilous mountain ridges, dodging goods trucks driving on the wrong side of the road in the opposite direction, i made it intact. thank god.

having said all of that, i was so happy to cross the indo-nepalise border and escape indian mayhem. the ride from sunauli [the border] to kathmandu consisted only of landscapes of mountains, gushing rivers, waterfalls and valleys.

now in travller paradise [ie good coffee, fresh croissants, fast internet connections, myriad stores selling rastafarian goods], i am trying to figure out how to get to tibet, hopefully departing this saturday.

as change of country was what i needed after crazy india…

end note: my digital camera fucked up on my last day of india so i have no pictures of my trip. many of you are probably relieved, knowing that you wont be subject to my travel slideshow and blurred shots which could be anything. my digicam contained the vital instructions on indian coooking, so know i will have to use my memory, which i dont think will be of benefit to anyone. bloody technology.



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4 responses to “namaste kathmandu!

  1. Sylvathorn

    Glad to see you’re safe and sound in Nepal – those Asian bus rides are definitely not for the feint hearted. And hey – what’s happened to all the comments?

  2. Steve kelleher

    Hi Donna- I remember the bus from India into Nepal as having the most irritating group of indian hotel touts bothering the tourists. one Aussie girl hit a guy shoving brochures in her face and I ‘moved ‘ another to the back of the bus with a strong suggestion to stay there after he got a bit too personal with a japanese girl. Enjoying your blog- sorry to hear about the photos.

  3. saul

    Hay Donna,
    its good to see the interpid traveller in her natural element. Fighting pythons in the jungle, irritating tourist guides in India, well endowered sales assistants (where ever that was).

    A few of the KPMGers are following you blog with great interest and often high amusment. Jammo is now a dad!! And sends his best as I write.


  4. Hi Saul, great to hear from you, and i wish i knew what you were talking about re the well endowed sales assistants. i trust that the old work pod is still cool and no one has thrown you out of it for being too loud and rowdy yet. jammo i hope you are getting some sleep! ciao, and will drop in to show off my subcontinental suntan when i get back, soon!

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