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the eagles won!!!

by one point!

and i dont really care for football!

[or overuse of exclamation marks. sorry.]


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day 70 of my trip. the countdown to home is less than 1 week.  

however, my trip has been short compared to the journeys of many i have met on the way – 6 months, 12 months, 3 years… especially in india and nepal, there are people who arrive and dont go because it is so chilled out and the beer is cheap. i dont think i could go for that long, though. imagine wearing the same outfit for that long! shock horror!!!

anyway, melbourne posse, i will be home on oct 7 and i look forward to catching up with you all then. ciao x


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sunrise over the himalayas = overrated

especially when you have to wake at 4am to trek up a hill to see it, and even then not be guaranteed a ‘full sunrise’ due to cloudcover.

4am. wtf?!!!

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bathing with elephants

has to be my highlight of nepal, and given that ive 4 days to go i dont think it will be surpasssed by anything.

bathing with elephants entailed:  jumping on the back of an elephant in the river, getting thrown off when s/he rolled over or tried to stand up, getting back on, and so on and so forth.

 the funnest bit was holding on to its big ears and climbing on the trunk, which then lifted my body up to stand on its back [before being hurled off again]. although my mother was standing on the river bank taking photos and watching in horror as i was potentially swept down the river with the current or crushed by the elephant.

i told her to chill out and keep on taking pictures as was her duty.

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nurses convention

the membership of my Imaginitive Traveller Images of Nepal tour consists of 3 middle aged american chicks – all retired, a young australian couple from sydney, and a welsh dude. plus me and my mother.

of the 8 of us, 5 are/were nurses [i ER, 1 operating theatre, 1 psychiatric, 2 general], so rest assured i will be safe should there be any accicents.

our tour guide is a self righteous tosser who likes to hear himself talk.

i think i might be needing moral support to get through this trip. but on the positive side, i dont have to think about anything for the rest of my trip. docility – bring it on!

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no bottle opener. WTF?!!

i walked into the kathmandu prince hotel and immediately noticed the middle aged american woman with big tits [to differentiate her from the other 2 in our tour group] slumped over the reception desk, surrounded by the 2 helpless looking hotel staff.  she had a bottle of jacobs creek red in her hand.

my initial reaction was to congratulate her on her fine choice of wine, but getting closer to the ‘action’ i realised that there was trouble in the house…there was no corkscrewto be found anywhere in the hotel.

the poor woman, a retired nurse, was about to have a nervous break down because it was only this thin layer of cork that was between her and her day’s happiness.

 so i shot the still helpless looking staff one of those “what do you mean you dont have a simple bottle opener?” glares, opened my handbag and fished out my swiss army knife. i flipped open the corkscrew and handed it to the reception guy, who struggled with the bottle for a tense minute before the cork gave way. this was after i had offered to take it off his hands and and open it [yeah, bitchy, but i had had a prolonged discussion already with him that morning over their dodgy room charging policies so was hardly his best friend to begin with].

my mother, who was watching this exchange with amusement then announced ‘thats my daughter, shes australian’, and we collected our room key and went upstairs.

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an all WA football grand final?!

just want to add – after the recent tragic deaths of our national heroes steve irwen [?]and that brock motor sports guy, an eagles/dockers grand final is something good to return home to. rock on, WA.

 thanks to those keeping me informed of these vital pieces of information.


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