an all WA football grand final?!

just want to add – after the recent tragic deaths of our national heroes steve irwen [?]and that brock motor sports guy, an eagles/dockers grand final is something good to return home to. rock on, WA.

 thanks to those keeping me informed of these vital pieces of information.



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5 responses to “an all WA football grand final?!

  1. Freofan

    Yes indeed. I’m hoping for an all-WA grand final, but the logical side of me says it’ll be a Sydney-Eagles one. Go Freo, nevertheless!

  2. not bloody sydney again. nooooooooooooooooo!

  3. Freofan

    Yeah, Sydney is always a danger – they beat the Eagles by ONE point in the first final. D’oh!

  4. Touquet/Doorbitch

    hey vomiting veronika
    Glad to hear your puking days are over. at least dahl baht looks the same on the way out again…
    I’ll bring a small stuffed animal (in lieu of Barbie) to the pub with me in your honour (naturally it will drink a shandy). Enjoy the rest of your time in Nepal.

  5. hi db. yes its all staying down now. phew! am sad to hear no all wa grand final.

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