welcome to the hotel california

i thought that i was quite indifferent to seeing mt everest. its a big mother fucker mountain..so what?!

on my way back to nepal, the everest base camp on the tibetan side was just a short detour off the friendship highway, so i thought ‘why the hell not?!’

i am quite convinced now that everest is a magnificent feat of nature. i have a photo of me relaxing at the ‘hotel california’ – one of a series of tents set up at the base camp – holding a [naturally] chilled glass of lhasa beer, with the snow capped everest looming in the background.

during the 7am walk backdown from base camp to where the jeep was parked overnight i kept looking back, in awe of the sun rising over the peak.



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2 responses to “welcome to the hotel california

  1. Dallas

    I was laughing at your adventure in Tibet, we have done the same overland trip and I know exactly what you’re talking about. I am glad you finally got to appreciate Everest – it is amazing.

    Good to hear you’re well and having lots of adventures.

    When is Margaret due to join you?

  2. believe me dallas, i so wasnt laughing on the last day of the journey. at one point, when we had stopped for some dal baht for dinner, i had my head on the table, my head wrapped in a scarf [that nice blue one you got me, in fact, which has proven very useful this journey!] and was moaning inconsolably. i think my travelling mates thought i was a freak, or one of those chick travellers who moan about everything. they just politely ignored me cause they didnt know what else to do.
    margaret gets here on saturday, which will be nice. ciao!

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