no bottle opener. WTF?!!

i walked into the kathmandu prince hotel and immediately noticed the middle aged american woman with big tits [to differentiate her from the other 2 in our tour group] slumped over the reception desk, surrounded by the 2 helpless looking hotel staff.  she had a bottle of jacobs creek red in her hand.

my initial reaction was to congratulate her on her fine choice of wine, but getting closer to the ‘action’ i realised that there was trouble in the house…there was no corkscrewto be found anywhere in the hotel.

the poor woman, a retired nurse, was about to have a nervous break down because it was only this thin layer of cork that was between her and her day’s happiness.

 so i shot the still helpless looking staff one of those “what do you mean you dont have a simple bottle opener?” glares, opened my handbag and fished out my swiss army knife. i flipped open the corkscrew and handed it to the reception guy, who struggled with the bottle for a tense minute before the cork gave way. this was after i had offered to take it off his hands and and open it [yeah, bitchy, but i had had a prolonged discussion already with him that morning over their dodgy room charging policies so was hardly his best friend to begin with].

my mother, who was watching this exchange with amusement then announced ‘thats my daughter, shes australian’, and we collected our room key and went upstairs.


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