4 day trek in the kathmandu valley [leech paranoia]

i didnt even think of the leech situation before i signed up for the 4 day meander in the hills outside kathmandu.

leeches are not nice. they wait, poised delicately on branches, leaves and long grass, just waiting for us to wander past so they can latch onto our bodies and find a nice warm spot from which to suck our blood.

one night, whilst camping on a picturesque hilltop [snowcapped mountain in the distance] we all woke to the sounds of Will, from Wales, screaming like a woman [his words] after he found  a full leech in his sleeping bag, which he then accidently popped, spraying the inside of his sleeping bag with bits of leech and blood.

when we sat around the dinner table at night, our torches were nervously flicked towards our shoes and feet at regualr intervals, no one hoping to see any leeches making their way up our legs [our guide was the worst, which didnt do much for our own confidence]. but crawling into our tents  and into our sleeping bags was the worst, as no one was 100 per cent certain  of their fate during the night, especiall after the Will episode.

…otherwise, the valley views from the trek, which was more like a meander in the hills, were stunning, and the food better  than that I would cook at home.


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