from leeches to libraries

i’m thinking of restarting this blog cause i reckon that working in a library is almost like travelling – it’s a journey of amazing highs and the occasional really really terrible low (equal to a night of leeches in Nepal),  and you never know what the new day will bring .

will i get mugged and lose my passport? Will that book i’ve been hanging out to be the first one to read finally arrive? Will the lights suddenly ‘go on’ and the dewey decimal system [ddc] suddenly seem so obvious, when it’s always been this hazy thing i’ve pretended to care deeply about, cause, you know, i’m a Librarian? 



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2 responses to “from leeches to libraries

  1. Bobo

    A library blog is a very good idea. You can report on new acquisitions, ask your readers to think up new names for the printers, and ask for feedback on your outfits.

  2. You know every move I make Bobo. Getting the right printer name is important, though my favourite will always be “Harold”. Today I am wearing what one would describe as East meets West. A shirt style dress made out of black chinese satin. I don’t have my hair in a bun, nor have I washed it since going to the gym, twice so far this week. I’ve just taken some nice photos of the Melbourne Athenaeum Library where I’m working today. On the Flickr link to the right.

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