it was miss scarlet with the lead piping

I woke up this morning to a radio report of a stabbing outside MY NEW WORKPLACE from next Monday [26 March].

Since no one seems to know any specific details of this brutal attack, these are some scenarios that staff at the Ath, and also my concerned friend Veronica, have come up with. If anyone has any other ideas, or even better, the truth, then let me kn0w.

  • An irate borrower with excessive overdue fines ($1 per day really adds up)
  • Harry Potter fan after being told that he is number 56 on the waiting list to read the latest book
  • Librarian being asked one too many times what type of underwear she is wearing under her brown knee length suit


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2 responses to “it was miss scarlet with the lead piping

  1. Bobo

    Did you see the ‘Ask the Stylist’ column in M Magazine on the weekend? It gives budding librarians advice on how to attain a practical yet stylish look for the library.

  2. thanks bobo. it was so embarassing I was compelled to write my own guidelines for budding librarians. see post above.

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