what does a librarian’s work space look like?

It all depends. But from what I have generally seen, there should be lots of crap everywhere. Files are popular items, but I’ve never been a file person (rule of thumb: file = rubbish bin).

I am currently in decorating mode for my office. I’ve acquired an old wooden bookcase filled with really beautifully bound books – including some first editions. It was just lying out in the hall and no other librarians seemed to want so I said I would put it in my office along my with my ikebana arrangement. It makes me look ‘bookish’. The Tech Services librarians – my team – are also moving into new office space and we nabbed a stack of Gaugin/Picasso et al. prints that were also lying unwanted in the hall. The say it makes them appear ‘arty’.  So between us both we will show the General Librarians – those who work on the library floor – who is the more intellectual of the two groups. The answer is, like, Library Tech Services, of course. Perception is everything.

Any other suggestions of ‘bookish’ or ‘arty’ items for our office spaces? What essential items do librarians or those in similar professions need on their desk space? What do you have on your workspace that is a window to your unique being? On my desk – nothing of that nature right now. Actually I lie – it would be the pink pen that I like to use.  No one can steal this pen cause I would know straight away who has it by following the ink trail.

On my pin up board I have pinned up my ‘taming of the bull’ fabric print which I picked up in a monastery in  Tibet. This is a sequence of ten illustrations depicting the levels of realization in Zen. It begins with the enlightenment-seeking dude aimlessly searching for the bull, and finishes with him finding and becoming one with the bull, then returning to the world and seeing enlightenment everywhere. Like that guy I hope to attain enlightenment one day.

I also have pinned up some calligraphy that my friend Junko in Hiroshima did for me but I never had the space to display them. This is to demonstrate to my office visitors that I understand different cultures. Plus I have a print of Rottnest Island (Rotto) and some surfer pics – to acknowledge my bogan roots and to remind me that what I’m doing is not my dream job of professional world surfer, but I should still keep it in my sight – to NEVER give up.



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4 responses to “what does a librarian’s work space look like?

  1. Bobo

    I like the blend of bookishness and boganness. It shows that you’re a complex person.

    For bookishness, can I suggest:
    –New York Times crossword puzzle and diary. (I own this, but am not smart enough to actually complete a crossword.)
    –New Yorker cartoons day-at-a-time desktop diary. You know, you flick over each day for a new cartoon.
    –New Yorker cloth-bound desk diary with your own name embossed in gold on the cover. (I bought one of these for a friend last year.)

    For boganness, I could suggest:
    –U2 CD cover strategically placed on desktop
    –KFC towelettes in pencilcase/strewn around office
    –Lean Cuisine lunch — half eaten, to side of desk
    –Postcards of topless Eastern European women on your pin-up board. (I have these.)

  2. Freofan

    You don’t want to know what my workspace looks like. Junk everywhere (including lots of chocolates!)

  3. chocolates on workspace make for a happy and productive worker. i hope youre not too upset about the freo first game loss on the weekend. dallas, one librarian’s cheese is another’s class. LOVE the mugs, esp the one that read: “caution HOT librarian”. get it?! however i have a real issue with purpose specific mugs in that there are, in general, far too many mugs in the world and it’s a waste of resources to acquire a new mug when one has a perfectly workable one already, albeit a bit daggy if it has the company logo on it (as mine does).
    bobo – yeah i saw those new yorker personalised diaries – they look cool. but for all your bookish suggestions i found your bogan ones so much more attractive. U2, lean cuisine, topless chicks. which probably means I am almost %100 bogan, but have been living in denial for so long.

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