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dirty politics in the library

The Athenaeum is currently under seige. Leading up to the AGM next week – where the annual reports are presented and Board is voted for, a sudden influx of random people suddenly became reaaaaaaaaaaally interested in joining the library. Not that they have borrowed books or anything like that. No, they just wanted to walk into the library and pay their membership fee.

And then, naturally, they were reaaaaaally interested in attending the AGM, and, in a couple of instances, nominating for Board positions themselves.  For futher explanation as to why this is happening, The Athenaeum is guided by an elected board, which includes all funding decisions for the library, the building and the tenants. So it seems that the tenants want money matters (i.e. rental decisions) to be good for them, hence this decision to take over the Board. I am irritated because that they don’t give a shit about this 167 year old library.

And here I was thinking that my days of ALP branch stacking (disclaimer- i have never stacked a branch but have seen it going on around me) were well in the past.

To be continued…


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this blog is turning into a nipponophile blog

rat daughter

i am aware that i am straying from library themes so this should be the last non shhhhhhhh entry for a while.  on my way to ikebana (flower arranging) this evening the bag containing my two new vases broke. one of the pair smashed into small pieces; the other broke into three pieces and is probably a salvagable so long as it’s viewed from afar.  i wasn’t happy about it at all, but then again, they are just objects and i really shouldn’t be too attached to worldly possesions –  ikebana was traditionally a means to clear the mind and come a step closer to enlightenment.

but as i pondered the meaning of life in Kazari, the space where i practice ikebana (it’s a shop, it’s a japanese cafe, it’s an art gallery, there’s an ikebana link where i’m arranging flowers) , and reflected that the posession of beautiful pottery shouldn’t be the key to my happiness,  i stumbled upon a local melbourne artist whose work i think is really cool and really have to own. her name is andrea innocent and her work is ace. described as:

A self-confessed nipponophile there is no denying the influence her exposure to Japanese culture has had on her work. Themes range from investigations into the cult of otaku to traditional Japanese folk tales and Japanese textiles and their meanings. … Heavy in symbolism the illustrations fuse contemporary art and socio-political comment with traditional works. Aesthetically the works borrow heavily from the traditions of ukiyo-e, manga and subsequent contemporary styles such as ‘Superflat’.”

plus she lists her influences as haruki murakami, osamu tezuka (ie astroboy and kimba the white lion) and yoshimoto nara.  the image that ive used for this entry is one of her prints and the rest can be seen here. so if you have time take a look and help me choose a print. i think that they will go really well with my late 19th century geisha woodblock prints, ne?


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(to the left to the left)

i recently attended my first workplace union meeting, in which a motion was unanimously passed to pursue industial action by secret ballot. so, yes, that does mean that I voted in favour of industrial action. and yes, that does mean that I voted to go on strike. 

the union meeting consisted of the standard players: a union organiser who thought she was at an anti howard rally and seemed to forget that she was preaching to the converted, a couple of calmer shop stewards (union delegates from the city council, including a guy with a red shirt and tie) who spent most of the meeting trying to keep the organiser on task, one old guy saying “don’t you all remember – you (the union) gave these conditions away ten years ago?”, and a couple of parking inspector looking guys (general union members) who seemed to spend most of the meeting time mumbling into their walkie talkies (crackle crackle crackle “errrrr, can you please repeat that, sorry what did you say”) .

in the end, rather than the organiser putting forward a motion in favour of industrial action, it was some guy from the floor who did it, out of desire to stop the rambling and go to lunch.

i offer my hand raising experience as proof that as one gets older they do not necessarily become more conservative.


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what part of “press play” don’t you understand?

the other day i asked someone to run a powerpoint show in my absence (as in double click on the file and let it run) and the response was like I had asked him to perform some obscure secret algorithm. wtf?!!


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gettin’ down with the PwC posse

 PwC China

This one goes out to my Kapers friends. My friend Tom (not his real name) who used to be a librarian (he now manages knowledge) just sent me this You Tube video of some PwC accountants/auditors in China. Take special note of the guy in the middle, who I reckon orchestrated the whole thing because some of his moves are quite good, esp when he does those low ground spinny things.

Click on the icon to watch the video.


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organisation for japan london france helsinki hk in july

 library geisha

the point of this post isn’t to say ‘look at me – im going on a cool trip’ (though admittedly I’m very happy with the itinerary – am loving Finn Air for allowing me this routing). its for those of you who live in the places where i’m travelling to in july, to make sure that you are around when i arrive and to get in contact with me so i can hang out with you inbetween eating raw fish, finding cool new ikebana vases and wabi sabi pottery, shopping at harvey nicks, visiting the tate modern, and going on the london eye. oh, and attending Dallas’ wedding in the south of france, which was the main reason for the trip.

SAT JUN 30 DEPART MEL 930am =>NARITA 7pm [QF179]
SUN 1 JUL japan
MON 2 JUL japan
TUES 3 JUL japan
WED 4 JUL japan
THURS 5 JUL japan
FRI 6 JUL japan
SAT 7 JUL japan
SUN 8 JUL japan
MON 9 JULY  DEPART NARITA 1055am => LHR  255pm [BA6]
TUES 10 JULY london
WED 11 JULY DEPART LONDON 1120am => NIMES 210pm  [Ryan air]
THUS 12 JULY nimes
FRI 13 JULY dallas & mick wedding
SAT 14 JULY DEPART NIMES 14:35=> London Luton 15:30 [Ryan air]
SUN 15 JULY DEPART LHR 135pm =>  HELSINKI  630pm [AY838]
MON 16 JULY  helsinki
WED 18 JULY ARR HK 725am
THURS 19 JULY DEPART HK 1020pm =>MEL 1150pm  [QF497]



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gay male librarians – some scholarly research

whilst touring the libraries in my region recently I came to the conclusion that the gay male librarian is not just a myth.  it’s a raring out and proud reality. but why? eager to learn more about this phemonema i did a google search using the terms “gay male librarian stereotypes”.

 I discovered that sometime in 1995, some guy by the name of JV Carmichel published a scholarly essay titled “The gay librarian: a comparative analysis of attitudes towards professional gender issues.” Carmichael summarised the existence of the gay male librarian: “In many ways I see my becoming a librarian as a logical extension of my coming out as a gay man… I have found librarianship to be exceptionally welcoming of gay men. It is a refuge from the generally unpleasant homophobic work world“.

the type of topic that doesn’t really lead to any breakthoughs in science or our understanding of the world, im sure that this was an excuse for jv carmichael to pick up in his workplace by asking personal questions to his male colleagues.

straight male librarians must have a hard time establishing their masculinity.

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