chai cupcakes

amanda gave me a recipe for chai cupcakes on the weekend, so, to demonstrate my committment to my favourite brew of the subcontinent, i gave the recipe a shot. it was a foolproof recipe – success!

being chai flavoured  cupcakes (infused is probably a better description) and most of my colleagues being ‘that way inclined’ i figured that if i couldnt win them over with my super librarian skills (yet to be acquired) I would have to adopt other, sneakier, means.  i think it worked.

the funniest thing, though, is that when I presented them, my team said to me,  “yeah we knew you liked to cook cause Darren (my boss) told us that you were really into cooking”.  Which is, of course, the biggest untruth that has ever in my life been told about me.   I could have vaguely accepted many other character portrayals i.e., “i heard you are quite good at boxing”, “so I hear you are into languages”, “do you really hold fifty useless university qualifications?”. but cooking – as most people know i am a self confessed non/wont/dont/cant cook – absolutely not. Refer to appreciation of half eaten lean cuisine a few posts back. i am wondering how the hell he came to such conclusion. the oven is most certainly not my friend.



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4 responses to “chai cupcakes

  1. Annie

    You “really into cooking?” LOL
    OMG chai cupcakes??! that sounds so damn good
    send me the recipe!

  2. Dallas

    You really are into cooking… if it takes less than 5 minutes (or is it 2 minutes?).

    You forgot to mention that you’re also good at small talk.

  3. erica

    dodo, i must rebut.
    you have cooked for me – without doubt – the finest toast i’ve ever had. i still savour it.
    between the cupcakes, toast, and shandies, that’s most of the essential food groups sorted, right?

  4. Dallas, my tastes have become more refined since our Fulham days, its now TWENTY MINUTES. Mind you, the occasion has to be reaaaaaaaaally special for that. (I am trying not to engage in small talk…though I must admit that the weather has been great lately, yeah really good, and you?)

    Erika thanks for your support of my toast cooking skills I appreciate it. For my last meal on earth I would request nothing but a chocolate cupcake, slightly warmed with vanilla icecream, a thick slice of raisin toast and an ice cold shandy.

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