famous librarians

following an earlier suggestion, here are some famous librarians. sadly, there are none chicks on this list. batgirl doesn’t count as a librarian cause she is FICTIONAL.

So here’s a list of literary luminaries, and other, who have once had the task of book shelving and shushing.

  • Philip Larkin (1922-1985) By reputation one of England’s major poets. Lived and worked in Hull as Librarian at the University Library. Also known as a lover and critic of American Jazz.
  • Gottfried Von Leibniz (1646-1716) was a German philosopher, mathematician, and intellectual giant of his time. Leibniz was appointed librarian at Hanover in 1676 and at Wolfenbuttel in 1691.
  • David Hume (1711-1776), The British philosopher, economist, and historian, served as librarian from 1752-57 at the Library of the Faculty of the Advocates at Edinburgh, where he wrote his History of England.
  • Philosopher Immanuel Kant. Kant served as assistant-librarian in the royal palace.
  • Casanova (1725-1798) Famous womaniser served 13 years as librarian for the Count von Waldstein in the chateau of Dux in Bohemia.
  • Pope Pius XI (1857-1939) was a librarian before he became Pope. He served 19 years as a member of the College of Doctors of the Ambrosian Library in Milan, and then became chief librarian. In 1911 he was asked to reorganise and update the Vatican Library and four years later became prefect of the Vatican Library. From 1922 until his death in 1939, the former librarian served as Pope.
  • Archibald MacLeish (b. 1892) had a varied professional life. He was a playwright, poet, lawyer, assistant secretary of state, winner of three Pulitzer prizes, and a founder of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). MacLeish was appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as librarian of Congress in 1939 for five years.
  • Mao Tse-Tung (1893-1976) worked as an assistant to the chief librarian of the University of Peking. Overlooked for advancement, he decided to get ahead in another field and eventually became chairman of the Chinese Communist Party.
  • FBI Head J. Edgar Hoover (1895-1972) was a Library of Congress messenger and cataloguer in his first job.
  • Benjamin Frankin
  • Saint Lawrence the Librarian. St Lawrence is (one of) the patron saints of librarians. He has a feast day on the 10th August, which librarians celebrate. He had responsibility for the archives and records of the early Church. When the Emperor Valerian ordered him to present all the treasures of the church within two days, St Lawrence gathered up all the poor people he could find and presented them claiming ‘these are the treasures of the church’. As punishment he was roasted alive on a grill on the site of the Basilica di San Lorenzo. Allegedly he was so brave that he was able to tell his executioners ‘turn me over, I am done on this side’.
  • Melvil Dewey. You guessed it; devised the legendary Dewey Decimal System, making libraries easier to use forever. He also founded the American Library Journal, and helped found the American Library Association. He formed a company that supplied libraries with date stamps, shelves and all other library gadgets believing that the library world needed uniformity.



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  1. If you can read spanish, try with this blog about librarian’s image, and specially about some librarians famous but for other reasons.

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