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  •  my rss feed reader alerted me to this article the other day – a cool place to stay if you’re ever passing through NYC

library hotel nyc

“At Manhattan’s urbane Library Hotel at Madison Avenue and 41st Street, guest floors and rooms are keyed to classifications of the Dewey Decimal System, devised by Melvil Dewey in 1876 and familiar to anyone who has borrowed a library book since then. The room you get determines the subject of the reading material on built-in shelves.” read more…

  • then there was this – the BOOK CAVE…

the cave

 “In urban life, there seems to be a common understanding that people tend to consciorsly or subconsciously become wary of strangers surrounding them. They are always balancing a certain level of privacy with others. A bookcase CAVE provides a private reading space within its form. As a seat hight is just above the floor, CAVE gives a feeling of hiding from others standing around it. Books can be stored on both sides. Therefore, CAVE can also functions as a partition of a room.buy it here (and also check out some of the other cool only in Japan furntiture on offer)


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