gay male librarians – some scholarly research

whilst touring the libraries in my region recently I came to the conclusion that the gay male librarian is not just a myth.  it’s a raring out and proud reality. but why? eager to learn more about this phemonema i did a google search using the terms “gay male librarian stereotypes”.

 I discovered that sometime in 1995, some guy by the name of JV Carmichel published a scholarly essay titled “The gay librarian: a comparative analysis of attitudes towards professional gender issues.” Carmichael summarised the existence of the gay male librarian: “In many ways I see my becoming a librarian as a logical extension of my coming out as a gay man… I have found librarianship to be exceptionally welcoming of gay men. It is a refuge from the generally unpleasant homophobic work world“.

the type of topic that doesn’t really lead to any breakthoughs in science or our understanding of the world, im sure that this was an excuse for jv carmichael to pick up in his workplace by asking personal questions to his male colleagues.

straight male librarians must have a hard time establishing their masculinity.


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