organisation for japan london france helsinki hk in july

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the point of this post isn’t to say ‘look at me – im going on a cool trip’ (though admittedly I’m very happy with the itinerary – am loving Finn Air for allowing me this routing). its for those of you who live in the places where i’m travelling to in july, to make sure that you are around when i arrive and to get in contact with me so i can hang out with you inbetween eating raw fish, finding cool new ikebana vases and wabi sabi pottery, shopping at harvey nicks, visiting the tate modern, and going on the london eye. oh, and attending Dallas’ wedding in the south of france, which was the main reason for the trip.

SAT JUN 30 DEPART MEL 930am =>NARITA 7pm [QF179]
SUN 1 JUL japan
MON 2 JUL japan
TUES 3 JUL japan
WED 4 JUL japan
THURS 5 JUL japan
FRI 6 JUL japan
SAT 7 JUL japan
SUN 8 JUL japan
MON 9 JULY  DEPART NARITA 1055am => LHR  255pm [BA6]
TUES 10 JULY london
WED 11 JULY DEPART LONDON 1120am => NIMES 210pm  [Ryan air]
THUS 12 JULY nimes
FRI 13 JULY dallas & mick wedding
SAT 14 JULY DEPART NIMES 14:35=> London Luton 15:30 [Ryan air]
SUN 15 JULY DEPART LHR 135pm =>  HELSINKI  630pm [AY838]
MON 16 JULY  helsinki
WED 18 JULY ARR HK 725am
THURS 19 JULY DEPART HK 1020pm =>MEL 1150pm  [QF497]




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2 responses to “organisation for japan london france helsinki hk in july

  1. erica

    i hate you for not spending more time in london. do you know that i have never been in harvey nicks, let alone seen an anya store? i was hoping you could help me be posh over here but after seeing your itinerary, you can go get fu*ked.

  2. i will admit that my itinerary is a bit ridiculous. i anticipated spending much more time in europe but i forgot that 3 weeks is only 21 days, and that i am going to something like 5 countries. so does that mean that i have to go to HN and AH alone on the one full day i have in london?!!

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