(to the left to the left)

i recently attended my first workplace union meeting, in which a motion was unanimously passed to pursue industial action by secret ballot. so, yes, that does mean that I voted in favour of industrial action. and yes, that does mean that I voted to go on strike. 

the union meeting consisted of the standard players: a union organiser who thought she was at an anti howard rally and seemed to forget that she was preaching to the converted, a couple of calmer shop stewards (union delegates from the city council, including a guy with a red shirt and tie) who spent most of the meeting trying to keep the organiser on task, one old guy saying “don’t you all remember – you (the union) gave these conditions away ten years ago?”, and a couple of parking inspector looking guys (general union members) who seemed to spend most of the meeting time mumbling into their walkie talkies (crackle crackle crackle “errrrr, can you please repeat that, sorry what did you say”) .

in the end, rather than the organiser putting forward a motion in favour of industrial action, it was some guy from the floor who did it, out of desire to stop the rambling and go to lunch.

i offer my hand raising experience as proof that as one gets older they do not necessarily become more conservative.



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5 responses to “(to the left to the left)

  1. Freofan

    I’m proof of the opposite. I was conservative when I was younger, but then – especially after having seen other places around the world and experienced different cultures – I “grew up”.

  2. sko

    Go Do. The Melbourne Times (good reading for all the local happenings at City of Yarra) tells me you have the support of socialist counciller Steve Jolley, that is left wing cred.

  3. good to see Freofan! sko I wonder if Cr Jolley will be striking too, if it comes down to that…

  4. erica

    does this mean you’ll be pulling out fabulous and iconic slogans such as “free books for all – not just the literate” and “even our books have spines, mister howard!”

    oh jesus i rock…

  5. the second one is VERY GOOD.

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