this blog is turning into a nipponophile blog

rat daughter

i am aware that i am straying from library themes so this should be the last non shhhhhhhh entry for a while.  on my way to ikebana (flower arranging) this evening the bag containing my two new vases broke. one of the pair smashed into small pieces; the other broke into three pieces and is probably a salvagable so long as it’s viewed from afar.  i wasn’t happy about it at all, but then again, they are just objects and i really shouldn’t be too attached to worldly possesions –  ikebana was traditionally a means to clear the mind and come a step closer to enlightenment.

but as i pondered the meaning of life in Kazari, the space where i practice ikebana (it’s a shop, it’s a japanese cafe, it’s an art gallery, there’s an ikebana link where i’m arranging flowers) , and reflected that the posession of beautiful pottery shouldn’t be the key to my happiness,  i stumbled upon a local melbourne artist whose work i think is really cool and really have to own. her name is andrea innocent and her work is ace. described as:

A self-confessed nipponophile there is no denying the influence her exposure to Japanese culture has had on her work. Themes range from investigations into the cult of otaku to traditional Japanese folk tales and Japanese textiles and their meanings. … Heavy in symbolism the illustrations fuse contemporary art and socio-political comment with traditional works. Aesthetically the works borrow heavily from the traditions of ukiyo-e, manga and subsequent contemporary styles such as ‘Superflat’.”

plus she lists her influences as haruki murakami, osamu tezuka (ie astroboy and kimba the white lion) and yoshimoto nara.  the image that ive used for this entry is one of her prints and the rest can be seen here. so if you have time take a look and help me choose a print. i think that they will go really well with my late 19th century geisha woodblock prints, ne?



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4 responses to “this blog is turning into a nipponophile blog

  1. Annie

    I like Chou Chou Sanpo or Tanuki Girl!

  2. thanks for your vote annie. they are all so cool i want them all.

  3. There is nothing wrong with that! 🙂 My mother-in-law has her license in Ikebana.

    Also, speaking of nipponophiles…

    I just finished a couple tracks. Both reflect on the Japanese culture.

    My track, “Ramune pop,” is inspired by my favorite drink, you guessed it, Ramune!

    My track, “Gaijin Affair,” was a lot of fun to compose. I used several of the sounds I recorded in Okinawa Japan to compliment and lay the base for this glitch genre track.

    Check em out at my website of you like.

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