dirty politics in the library

The Athenaeum is currently under seige. Leading up to the AGM next week – where the annual reports are presented and Board is voted for, a sudden influx of random people suddenly became reaaaaaaaaaaally interested in joining the library. Not that they have borrowed books or anything like that. No, they just wanted to walk into the library and pay their membership fee.

And then, naturally, they were reaaaaaally interested in attending the AGM, and, in a couple of instances, nominating for Board positions themselves.  For futher explanation as to why this is happening, The Athenaeum is guided by an elected board, which includes all funding decisions for the library, the building and the tenants. So it seems that the tenants want money matters (i.e. rental decisions) to be good for them, hence this decision to take over the Board. I am irritated because that they don’t give a shit about this 167 year old library.

And here I was thinking that my days of ALP branch stacking (disclaimer- i have never stacked a branch but have seen it going on around me) were well in the past.

To be continued…


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