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wig day in the library

we decided it was wig day in the library today so three  of us wore our wigs when we were on the front desk. A wore her hot pink bob, L an electric blue bob, and me a platinum blonde thing that i used to wear in Japan when i danced samba. I found that my hair, being quite long, couldn’t all tuck under the wig, so I just pulled it into a low ponytail with the wig on top. and the effect was a mullet – blonde on top and black at the back.

because our library is in fitzroy we get our fair share of freaks coming into the library on a daily basis. which probably explains the large number of patrons who didn’t raise an eyebrow when they saw us.  though I reckon we didn’t get as many serious reference questions as we normally would because it wouldve been hard to take any of us seriously.

i think someone took a photo – if i get my hands on it i will post it here.


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book inscriptions project

Is All Science Based on Fact 

i really like this project whereby people send in inscriptions that they find inside books. if you’ve got some time to kill take a look at the site.

i don’t have many inscriptions on my books (but I wish I did) . however last week i had a book – which I had forgotten that I had owned – returned to me via a friend, who wasn’t the one who I lent it too in the first place. the book was called ‘the bad girl’s guide to the open road’ and was given to me when I was to take my first real backpacking adventure around europe.

so the book was about the practicalities of a road trip across america and probably wasn’t that useful to me. but it did bring back some great memories of that trip wandering around europe, where i discovered that life in the open road is much more interesting than living in the suburbs. and i havent looked back since. 

the gift of a book is not always about the words on the page, it’s often a physical reminder about time and place. and for people like me whose memories are really shit (ie, someone had to return a chinese language book to me to remind me that i did at one point learn chinese), that’s important.


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must remember, think positive

it was recently suggested that i take a course in positive communication. here’s the course outline:

Target Audience:
Primarily, team members who have difficulty communicating messages in a way which is positively received.  Those who have trouble keeping their messages relevant and on track.

Program Outline:
By the end of the workshop, participants in the program will be able to:
– Make communication a positive two way process, even when under pressure
– Identify the barriers to positive communication
– Use the 4 factors of effective communication to keep communication on track to a positive result
– Act assertively when dealing with requests from internal customers, and the community
– Problem solve to constructively serve internal customers and the community.

Fingers crossed that when I have finished this course you will see a change in the way I communicate, including here. ie no more bitchy comments.


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library comedy


this is the promo shot of “The Librarians”, an abc comedy series which was filmed recently in melbourne. the cast seems realistic enough for me, except for the chick in pink.

though when i was doing a library desk shift yesterday it came to my attention that there is a metal pole from the front desk to the ceiling which i had never noticed before. for librarian/pole dancers like woman in pink, of course!

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audio books rule

kafka on the shore audio book

the benefits of working in a library is knowing the good stuff that comes in. this audiobook version of Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore came in the other day, and now I’m waiting for my turn to get it  to provide some respite to the boredom of time on cross trainer at the gym. EXCITING! 

it’s available at amazon, if anyone is interested in owning a copy all for themselves.


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library chic…

i like it rough

look closely at the embroidery. for librarians who get sick and tired of patrons asking them when the latest dan brown book is coming in.

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this is what ALL librarians should look like

Unknown special collections librarian, The Hearst Collection, ca. 1945.

Unknown special collections librarian, The Hearst Collection, ca. 1945

am currently searching for images for the special libraries newsletter i am editing.  found this gem. I love it how this ‘unknown librarian’ is standing on a desk in her heels and a skirt. whenever i do this (for reasons of efficiency), though, I get strange looks from the patrons. see, its normal librarian behaviour! normal!


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