it’s a book, about surfing

before we went to watch Keating the Musical*, i walked into The Hill of Content – a bookshop on Collins st in the city – with bobo and matt. matt wanted to pick up his copy of generation x(a v sexy edition i might add) and I wanted to find a book i had read a review of in the weekend papers a couple of weeks back.

my dilemma, though, was that all i could remember was that it was a book, fiction, about some guys on the world professional surfing circuit, adventure fiction perhaps, and written by a surf journalist.  no name no author no publisher. i know, lame. lame enough that matt dared me to asked the bookshop guy if he knew what I as talking about.

 so i asked the guy if he knew the name of ‘that recent release book about surfing’. he didn’t appreciate my query. to the extent that I had to answer it myelf, as in:

ME – “hi i am looking for a book that was recently released. it’s about surfing” [pause] [pause] [pause]  “…so…you don’t know it?”


ME – “ok no worries, thanks”

which leads me to ask the question – if you happen to know what I am talking about then PLEASE let me know. it’s a book about surfing written by a surf journalist.

 thanks in advance


*which was, by the way, the best thing i have seen in ages if you don’t count the finals of Dancing with the Stars or Big Brother in the white room.



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4 responses to “it’s a book, about surfing

  1. i would like to say yes but i really don’t think it is. it is making me wonder if i really did see this book review or i imagined it. maybe it’s a sign – this is the bestseller that i should be writing.

  2. Katy and Anna

    Title: Surfers
    Author: Natt Griggs
    ISBN: 0732285895 197 x 130mm
    RRP:$ 24.99
    Publisher: HarperCollinsPublishers
    About the Author: Australian Author
    Matt Griggs was born in 1976. Growing up in the beachside suburb of Bronulla in the south of Sydney……..

    Is it the one??

    From The Librarian
    Katy and Anna


  3. donna

    close! the author sounds right on. however it’s non fiction and written in 2003 and I am sure that this one was fiction and more recent. but then again i also was beginning to think that i was imagining this book… who knows now! i would ask you to order this book for the library but i don’t think you will get any more readers than me so I wont request it. thanks for looking library girls and hope all is well.

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