kawana sensei – ikebana master


and installation artist

i skipped work at the library yesterday (took and RDO) to attend an ikebana workshop led by master teacher and installation artist Tetsunori Kawana from Japan/NY. Apparently this guy is all about ‘passages’, where part of the whole ikebana experience is about not only viewing the arrangement, but also walking through it to see it from all angles.  ‘floating’ arrangements are also his ‘thing’ – the image above shows what floating means.

kawana sensei rocked up to the workshop venue exhibiting the quintessential japanese artist aesthetic of issey miyaye pleats, koizumi haircut, and a brown woven leather satchel (I want to say bottega venetta but I’m not that down with my handbag designers) . but i wouldn’t have expected anything else really.  apparently he had gone through more than one bottle of wine the night before but he hardly looked hungover, unlike me who had drunk 3 beers the night before, woke up late and was the last to arrive at the workshop (note: the average age of workshop participants was between 60 and 70 years old).

public critique is part of every ikebana workshop – he dissed my first arrangement in front of the group of 40 students but liked my second, which had taken about 15 min to conceptualise and construct. unlike the first which had taken about 2 weeks of consideration.

as much as i like it in the library land, a day off a month is good for one’s sanity levels. we’ve been having library management system issues for the past week which i haven’t been able to fix. also, i think that i have made my first official workplace enemy in this past week too, details which i am not going to go into because it’s not appropriate in this type of forum.



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2 responses to “kawana sensei – ikebana master

  1. erica

    koizumi and jon bon jovi – are there any better tressed men? i think not. i love a good body wave on a man. yum.

  2. i would have to say that the koizumi body wave has a bit more je ne sais quoi than the jbj one though.

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