audio books rule

kafka on the shore audio book

the benefits of working in a library is knowing the good stuff that comes in. this audiobook version of Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore came in the other day, and now I’m waiting for my turn to get it  to provide some respite to the boredom of time on cross trainer at the gym. EXCITING! 

it’s available at amazon, if anyone is interested in owning a copy all for themselves.



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4 responses to “audio books rule

  1. erica

    hey dodo – i just finished this book (it was given to me by a guy who had just named our future babies after two dates – he didn’t get a third).
    i digress – the book is just so wonderful and the kind of book you need to stop and just think about often, because the prose is so quietly provocative, and a little scary. very life affirming stuff (with no ‘oprah book club’ sanctimony). murakami for PM!

  2. its my all time my favourite book. HM just keeps getting better and better. but im more interested why the dates ended at #2, esp with demonstrated good reading taste.

  3. erica

    did you know his new one is now out (‘after dark’) about two sisters – all set over the course of one night? looks interesting…i’m just about to start ‘the wind-up bird chronicle’ after i finish ‘we need to talk about kevin’ – have you read it? if i ever had a maternal bone, its well and truly quashed now…
    ps – the guy was amazing on paper (ie stupidly smart, just returned from 5 months hanging with orphans in peru, amazing writer etc) but so intense that he sucked all the air out of the room when he walked in. maybe i am just too used to good ol’ laid back aussie blokes? look fwd to a proper chat soon x

  4. yes, bought it yesterday – can’t wait to read it. the wind up bird chonicle is the least fave of mine, it was the first i read. but i am very interested in your thoughts about it. funny you should mention lionel shriver – she’s coming here (1pm) today at 1pm to talk about her latest book The Post Birthday World, which i got up early to finish this morning. it’s the first time the library has had an international author so it’s a big event here. we need to talk about kevin…how about that last ‘archery’ scene?! apparently she wrote it to work through her own fears about having children. though i do think it was just a litte bit extreme! speak soonx

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