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Is All Science Based on Fact 

i really like this project whereby people send in inscriptions that they find inside books. if you’ve got some time to kill take a look at the site.

i don’t have many inscriptions on my books (but I wish I did) . however last week i had a book – which I had forgotten that I had owned – returned to me via a friend, who wasn’t the one who I lent it too in the first place. the book was called ‘the bad girl’s guide to the open road’ and was given to me when I was to take my first real backpacking adventure around europe.

so the book was about the practicalities of a road trip across america and probably wasn’t that useful to me. but it did bring back some great memories of that trip wandering around europe, where i discovered that life in the open road is much more interesting than living in the suburbs. and i havent looked back since. 

the gift of a book is not always about the words on the page, it’s often a physical reminder about time and place. and for people like me whose memories are really shit (ie, someone had to return a chinese language book to me to remind me that i did at one point learn chinese), that’s important.



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2 responses to “book inscriptions project

  1. jen

    Ola you sexy librarian you!

    Thanks for the website update… that surfing book? Wish I knew it…. but I don’t… let me know if you rediscover it please…

    P.S. book you might like which I pointed out in Leederville was East, Pray, Love by Elisabeth Gilbert

    ciao ciao X

  2. thanks for reminding me of that book! ive given up on the surfing book. it’s 15 degrees here and im not in the mood to read about beaches right now.

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