must remember, think positive

it was recently suggested that i take a course in positive communication. here’s the course outline:

Target Audience:
Primarily, team members who have difficulty communicating messages in a way which is positively received.  Those who have trouble keeping their messages relevant and on track.

Program Outline:
By the end of the workshop, participants in the program will be able to:
– Make communication a positive two way process, even when under pressure
– Identify the barriers to positive communication
– Use the 4 factors of effective communication to keep communication on track to a positive result
– Act assertively when dealing with requests from internal customers, and the community
– Problem solve to constructively serve internal customers and the community.

Fingers crossed that when I have finished this course you will see a change in the way I communicate, including here. ie no more bitchy comments.



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3 responses to “must remember, think positive

  1. Mick

    What a terrible thought! There’s a real place in the world for critical thinking and the expression of critical thoughts. It should be the primary perk of working with customers, especially those in the community, (formerly know as the Public or morons.)

    Be fair – but don’t compromise yourself. Next you’ll be on the course on how to ‘WOW’ the customer.

  2. working in the public service is all about being all touchy feely and loving everyone (BLAH). i’ll get used to it…

    most library patrons are appreciative of our (I might add free) service but there are the odd f*ckwits who demand books, dvd, cds as their birthright. there was this chick today who got really shitty because she had to wait in a line (1 person ahead of her) to ask us to check the catalogue for her, despite the fact that none of the public catalogues were being used and she could have looked herself in half the time. unbelievable.

  3. jillstephens

    I find the attitude of the public amazing, amazing that they think it’s their “g*d d*mn right”. In previous customer service roles I have experienced the same attitudes, it was a little bit like they owned the service. I thought it was because I was in a small town, but seems its prevelant everywhere. You could do a case study on it. I’m sure other librarians would appreciate the outcomes / feedback or strategies they could use to work on these people.

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