wig day in the library

we decided it was wig day in the library today so three  of us wore our wigs when we were on the front desk. A wore her hot pink bob, L an electric blue bob, and me a platinum blonde thing that i used to wear in Japan when i danced samba. I found that my hair, being quite long, couldn’t all tuck under the wig, so I just pulled it into a low ponytail with the wig on top. and the effect was a mullet – blonde on top and black at the back.

because our library is in fitzroy we get our fair share of freaks coming into the library on a daily basis. which probably explains the large number of patrons who didn’t raise an eyebrow when they saw us.  though I reckon we didn’t get as many serious reference questions as we normally would because it wouldve been hard to take any of us seriously.

i think someone took a photo – if i get my hands on it i will post it here.


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