colour coded
All librarians hate shelving with a passion. I have a friend whose books on her shelf are of the exact same height in each section and are all perfectly aligned. They are also in impeccable condition, like they have just been bought for a display home and are still waiting to be read, though I know she does read them, she wouldnt be working in publishing otherwise.  

I arrange my books by region, broken down into country. though i pretty much only own asian stuff with the odd classic or cult bestseller thrown in, or something that my mother has sent me because ‘it’s really funny and you just have to read it”.  some books just feel right next to each other, because of the height, the colour, or something within the books that creates a link in my mind when I see them together. For example, David Mitchell sits next to Haruki Murakami because I was living in japan when i first discovered them both. They are also nice looking books.

In the picture above i love the way how this person has arranged his/her books by colour. The Adobe shop in San Francisco also arranges their 20,000 or so books by colour.



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2 responses to “shelving

  1. Katy

    That’s is a good idea to arrange books by colour. um…. let me thing how do I arrange my books at home as a Librarian. I arrange it by my character. Not in order, no catagories, of course not under subject and no plan. They are in my bathroom, on my bed, under my couch, floor, one in my hand bag, one in my work hand bag, and some are still at my work locker. I should get some idea from my library.

  2. that’s true katy you are a bit loco

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