sneaking past the guy in the sleeping bag to get into the library

today i arrived at the library a bit earlier than usual. there was a homeless person sleeping near the side staff entrance and i didn’t care to wake him, so i had to tiptoe over him to get in.  i wouldnt be surprised if he was one of the guys who hangs out in the library during open hours. winters in melbourne are really cold and it would suck to not have a warm place to shelter. libraries are more than places to read books. 



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3 responses to “sneaking past the guy in the sleeping bag to get into the library

  1. erica

    when my ma was working at the state library she would collect all sorts of characters who probably didn’t have anywhere nicer to go…they’d just hang around and sometimes make random enquiries just to engage in a bit of banter. her fave was a man who called her “BT” (big t*ts – asterix for the easily offended librarian contingent).
    now that she’s retired, she still wonders how they’re all doing…

  2. i reckon they just wanted to hear her husky late-night- adults-only voice. i sure would.

  3. Katy

    yes, people that are homeless, old, no family, no relative, not many friends, library would be a good place for them. Economic, quiet and information. you might has chance to meet someone there too.

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