library membership drive

i signed up two friends to the library the other day.  amanda already has a bikram yoga book, which was put on hold for her from another library, waiting for her to pick up at her local branch. i am hoping that this will be just the start of their happy and long lasting relationships with the public library system in australia.

its not just because i now work for public libraries that I am saying they offer an amazing community service. ive been a user since before i could read (ie mum could check out extra books for her under my name – this was when the limit was 6 items not the 30 as it is today).   as well as my own experiences, during the day I now see the young hip fitzroy mums come in for storytime and to borrow numerous books on zen and the art of baby rearing, and in the afternoon the kids who live in the council flats all race in to use the internet. then there’s the vietnamese and chinese folk who come in almost daily to catch up on the goss back home through the foreign language newspapers magazines dvds and cds. 

it still really pisses me off though when we have to deal surly patrons who complain that ‘their’ book hasn’t arrived on time or the computer network is down.  i had to deal with this chick the other day who wouldnt use the catalogue herself and expected me to find all the books she wanted and to place reservations on them. when I suggested that she find them on the public catalogue herself she got really shitty.



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5 responses to “library membership drive

  1. Katy

    yes, I had some bad experience too on last Saturday. I just wanted to update a library patron record who hasn’t given her email address. I was kindly to ask if she would like to give me her email address so I could send her the latest book list and put the book aside for her. She said I had an email address but I rather not to receive any email from the library. So why the hell you had an email address. This is the best and easiest way for you to communicate with outside. I have no idea why she wasn’t happy with it.

  2. I used to go to the Albany library every Saturday with my mum, and take out mass-market hardbacks and pony books. Every time I entered the library, though, I immediately needed to take a huge dump. There was something about the comfortable air temperature that relaxed my bowels.

  3. love the wallstickers – they look great enlarged on a plain wall. i hope all our patrons dont think the same as you re comfortable air temp.

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