wo shi toshuganyuan; wo yao yi ping hongputaujiu

not some special library code.  at my chinese class this evening I learnt how to talk about my job, hence the title: I am a librarian; I would like one bottle of red wine.

 “one beer, please” is probably the most important phrase that any traveller should know (unless you’re in the  middle east, where “mohammed rocks” will probably get you a better deal). however, it’s also good to have a few useful small talk items to warm you with the locals.

speakers of other languages, please tell me how to say “i am a librarian” so that I may be accepted into my temporary communities.  especially in Finnish, Cantonese, French, where I’ll be soon. i think I know how to say it in japanese but the ‘jin’ bit may be wrong, it’s been a while…


– watashi was toshokanjin (japan)



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7 responses to “wo shi toshuganyuan; wo yao yi ping hongputaujiu

  1. Katy

    wo yao yi ping hongputaujiu
    You are crazy……!!!!!

  2. Ainslie

    Je suis un bibliothecaire – French
    Ich bin ein bibliothekar – German for future use 🙂

  3. Annie


    Hope you have a fab trip! mine was awesome. I want to go back!!
    Had fab weather, food was great and ppl were very helpful and polite.

    When are you leaving?

  4. thanks ainslie that will help me in my travels. annie i leave on the 20th (sat). am looking forward to getting the f*ck out of melbourne (13 degrees today).

  5. qianshiyouyuan

    图书馆员(tu shu guan yuan), 你酒量怎么样?一瓶葡萄酒够吗?我带两瓶来,和你一醉方休。is that cool?

  6. thanks. about 2 bottles. yes no worries!

  7. qianshiyouyuan


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