holiday reading ideas? anyone?

if anyone has any good holiday reading ideas then please let me know. by today if possible as i’m leaving tomorrow morning for my 19 day tour of europe and asia (yeah I know, half the world). 

not to heavy, but not too light so i will finish it in a day. and not too interesting either – if I get too engrossed in the book I will forgot to do stuff.  thanks in advance.



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3 responses to “holiday reading ideas? anyone?

  1. since no one helped me out – you’re probably all too busy on facebook throwing sheep/poking/updating your status/friend raiding – i decided upon Candy (Luke Davies) and a PG Wodehouse paperback i picked up from a second hand bookstore. both books out of my regular reading zone and it wont be a big loss if i lose interest and ditch them to make room for japanese tabi socks and other important goods.

  2. jillstephens

    Sorry, didn’t see this till now, but hey, you might pick up some reading on your travels if you are staying somewhere that has a communal bookshelf. Gotta love a communal bookshelf or a 2nd handbook shop…

  3. erica

    what about a nice donna tartt book? pacey, engaging, not too heavy, and she is your namesake after all (although donna slag would be more apropriate).

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