ciao from donna

this blog started as a travel blog almost a year ago when i went to india nepal and tibet, then it morphed into a library blog when i got back.  for the next three weeks in on the road – most importantly im in the sun. so im taking a break from library related stuff.

im packed – my pack is twice the size of that which i took for my 10 wk journey to india. and I know for sure, having tried it on the above mentioned journey, that is IS ok to wear flip flops on flights.

i can almost taste the sashimi i am going to be eating for the next week or so, though ive just eaten a packed of m and ms and i feel sick now (pre flight nerves that i always get hours before i leave).



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2 responses to “ciao from donna

  1. jillstephens

    Happy travels Donna, I look forward to reading about your adventure. Relax, unwind, explore, open your mind to all that you will see, (i know you will anyway).

    Hear your stories on your return.

  2. Annie

    Hope you have a safe trip! i know ur going to have a fab time and make sure you take heaps of pics!! (then load them up onto facebook!!)

    Will try to catch up with you in August when i head to Melbourne.

    =) i want to go to japan againnnn! so damn jealous!!

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