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A couple of weeks ago this was a vase of brown sticks. When I arrived home from o/s small flowers had started to grow.  it’s an arrangement in progress as every day a new bud comes out or a leaf grows.



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Second Life and libraries – is there a point I am missing??


i have decided that my job is far more interesting if i just go to random conferences and seminars instead of turning up to the office.  

today’s was a whole day dedicated to web/library 2.0, held at the state library.  lots of librarians lots of networking.  etc. the most interesting presentation for me was one discussing Second Life, the internet based virtual world where people wander around islands doing ‘stuff’.  the speaker was a very engaging (ie i didnt do one of those head roll back sudden fall off to sleep then wake up things like i did for another speaker) murdoch uni librarian who is really into second life, for the reasons listed here.

i think second life is a very cool concept if youre into online gaming so I am not dissing it.  am loving the fact that i can buy designer handbags and dresses and that there is a blog [more than one in fact] dedicated to aquiring the appropriate second life designer wardrobe.  still to be convinced on its use for libraries and librarians, though.  

if i ever do decide to enter second life i dont think you will be finding me at the library. you’ll find me at the virtual Pipeline with kelly et al.

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sleep = good

for the first time in about a month i slept in today.  and it was so good. 

 but i didnt slack off all day. in the afternoon I called work to see what had been going down over the past 3 wks, cleared my emails (no disasters, thank f*ck) and went to a melbourne writers fest/library reader development seminar at the state library.

i also decided that i should step out of my chinko centric book zone and try other literary genres.  marcia, the librarian who i work with is really into urban fantasies (whatever they are) so I will give that a go and see where it takes me.

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dim sum in honkers


i dropped into hong kong for lunch. it was worth it. as auntie #1 noted, the roast duck in hong kong is far better than the dry version they serve in melbourne.

auntie #2 took me shopping in the afternoon. she took me to the ultra hip with the kids Bape (pronounced ‘baypee’) and Evisu stores.  she also told me that she was ‘shocked’ to see the massive queue in Central for the limited edition anya hindmarch ‘i am not a plastic bag’  bag last week.  I have just read on the AH website that due to concern for customer safety in beijing shanghai and jakarta the bag launch has been cancelled!. i am a big AH fan but would not put my life at risk for a bag…i would like to think i wouldnt anyway…

something strange is going on in honkers: my aunt has no idea or interest in fashion but at the same time has her finger right on the pulse!

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skylarks over chiba

 in this most recent trip i didnt have that many insights or amazing discoveries (though that is not to say that i didnt have an excellent time). here is the exception:

hanamitsu san, the father of the japanese family i stayed with in Chiba (Tokyo) has only just started learning english. the family has a small plot of land nearby which has been passed down from the family. every weekend the father and his mother, an obachan whose back has that shape of one who has spent her life in the fields,  go to the land to tend to the field which provides the family with all the fruit and vegetables that they need.

it was only on the last night, after we had shared a few cups of sake, that hanamitsu san really began to communicate in english with me. with a childlike innocence that grown men rarely show he said: “i am afraid that one day I will not be able to hear the skylarks sing when I go to the field”. whether this was a fear of the destruction of nature in the area, clearing the fields for more housing, or a fear of old age and death I was not quite certain. but it was a poignant statement that also made me feel sad and afraid that this might happen one day.

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a wedding in france

le 9le 9

dallas (yeah I know, great name I wish it were mine) and mick hooked up at the nimes youth hostel about 6 years ago. so it was only natural that their wedding should occur at the same venue.

what i will try to put into words wont do justice to the beauty of ceremony, which was presided over by the mayor of nimes (wearing his big gold mayoral medallion) and covered  nimes media as am Irish-Australian-French love story. when i find some good pics i will post them here.

the reception was also held in a vine covered courtyard with massive white candelabras hanging from the ceilinged areas. if any of you are thinking of going to nimes you MUST go to this place cause it is amazing. le 9 is the name.

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