japanese time warp

its been three years since ive been here, but it feels like yesterday. and im leaving in a couple of days for europe.

nothing really that exciting or new to say, really. revisited my favourite places and eaten my favourites foods, gone back to school and taught a class (thank god im no longer a teacher – though glad to say the new batch of students are not as violent as the ones i had), gone to my old samba class. nearly bought a new yukata…a couple of them actually…very unnecessary but they were so pretty. its summer matsuri time so there are lots of summer kimonos in the stores in excellent new patterns.

other ‘highlights’ include being caught in a shopping stampede (ie people shoving each other to get through the passageway of the shopping mall), going to the official most beautiful site in japan (miyajima island) and being attacked by deer who wanted our icecream, and enjoying icy cold beer with sashimi.

ive just uploaded some of the latest pics to my flickr site, which you can check out from the right of this page. note that there is a disproproportinate amount of beer related images – i really havent spent all my time drinking and have spent most of it walking walking walking.


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  1. jillstephens

    Many beer related images…well well, sounds like you are having a memorable holiday. And that you feel the door is closed on that life. I like having you here in Melb 🙂 So good you aren’t keen to return there.
    Enjoy Europe Monamie
    Trie Bien France’

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